While we typically produce full videos and virtual tours, we can also split apart our services and provide them à la carte.

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This could be for us to make into a standalone video or add into a virtual tour or simply hand the footage over to your team if you just need us to record.

These are most of the videos you’ll see across our website. (e.g. music videos, interview-based, etc.)  If you want a powerful emotional experience that blows people away, then we’ll go all-out.

If it’s more about the information, then you can script a message, have someone read it off a teleprompter, and we’ll cut a simpler video together.  (e.g. announcements, thank yous, FAQs, etc.)  It won’t be as powerful, but it’ll get the message across for less.

While these can incorporate all different kinds of media (videos, pictures, sound effects, PDFs, etc.), the tours are based in 360° photography.

If we record video, then we can pull hundreds of still frame options from your footage for you to pick from, saving you thousands of dollars on a still photographer.

If you have an editor who’d like to work with our footage, sifting through 8-12 hours of coverage can be a daunting task.  So we can cut up the shots, organize & rank them, and then apply basic color corrections, saving you days of work.