Our Videos

We produce five main types of videos at three different levels of quality (Premium, Standard & Basic) indicated in the bottom left corner of each video.

See our Video Types webpage for more information.

Music Videos

Pack in the most energy with the best music and sound effects.

These are all considered Premium due to the editing speed and sound design.

The Adventure Begins

Check It Out

Me & My Friends

The World Is Ours

Check It Out

In This Thing Together

Light Up

From This Day On

Tomorrow's Leaders... Today

Forming Christian Scholars


Feature a welcome, congratulatory or inspiring message by a community member.  These can be Premium or Standard.

Set The World On Fire

Infrastructure Bond

Giving Launch


On The Rise

St.E Is Home

Welcome Class of '26

Tour Welcome

Pursuit Of Truth

Home of the Lancers

Giving Wrap

Greatness Is Calling

Annual Giving Fund


2-6 minutes long and contains 5+ interviews and 2+ story topics.

These are all Premium since they’re interview-based.

Rich Learning Environments

Diverse Community

Home On The Hill

Animated By Christ

Happy Healthy Awesome


A Hidden Gem

Jump To The World

The Body Of Christ

Creating A Whole Person

We Look Out

Safe Place To Learn & Grow

The IC Secret Sauce


Dive deeper on a special topic, department or program.

These are mostly Premium with interviews, but they could be scripted/Standard.

Technology & Engineering

The Arts



Small Size

Back To The Light

Faith Formation

The Goretti Project

Project Based Learning

School Circles


Responsible Citizens

Academic Life

Co-Curricular Life

Spiritual Life

Residential Life



Recap a big special event with audio clips from the speakers.

These are usually Premium due to the sound editing and quality of music.



All Schools Mass