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Jesus said, “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations…” (Mt 28:19). Today’s Catholic schools are the current bearers of a long and rich tradition that can be traced right back to the early centuries of the Church’s existence. That tradition, the teaching mission of the church, comes from Christ Himself. Catholic education remains critically important in the formation of the human person by teaching how to live well now so as to be able to live with God for all eternity.

The Catholic Diocese of Kalamazoo spans 9 counties in southwest Michigan and has 21 Catholic schools educating students in preschool-grade 12 in mind, body, and spirit. Faith, knowledge, and service are the pillars of Catholic education. In all three of those areas, we strive to be dynamic, distinctive and devoted.


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Our school communities have a dynamic way of living our faith. Our Catholic schools are distinctive in what a Catholic faith is and brings to each individual and their relationship with Jesus Christ. In all things, we are devoted to our faith.


Each of our schools offers their own dynamic learning environment. Our teachers educate in distinctive and innovated ways rooted in the Catholic faith. Our parents, teachers, and administrators are devoted to the success of each student.


Students participate in service opportunities that provide a dynamic impact. Our schools provide distinctive opportunities for students to serve all of God’s creations. Graduates of our Catholic schools are devoted to serving others.

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Catholic Schools
Diocese of Kalamazoo

Dynamic . Distinctive. Devoted

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