When Production Ends, Your Exposure Begins



An awesome video sitting alone on your website isn’t enough. Then we need to get it viewed. And we know that not every school can afford an online ad campaign after producing a video. Therefore, we give each of our clients an organic marketing guide with over 20 ways they can utilize their video for free over its 3-5 year lifespan. The document shows just about every way you can target inquiring, connected and unknown families in your area as well as donors and community partners. This way, everyone can make the most of their investment and maximize their exposure.


For maximum exposure, we can setup and manage Facebook and YouTube ad campaigns. We would write the ad messaging, determine the best local audiences, create a landing page sales funnel to maximize contact form submissions, and then launch, track & optimize the entire campaign. And when it comes to targeting viewers, there are quite a few effective audiences we can now create:

  1. Look-a-Like Audiences - We can upload an email list of your current members to both Facebook & YouTube and tell those platforms to show your ad to people like them.

  2. Retargeting Audiences - We can track who visits your Facebook page, website & landing page and then retarget all of those visitors with follow-up ads.

  3. Google Custom Intent Audiences - With YouTube ads, we can target viewers based off their Google search activity (keywords they’ve searched for and websites they’ve visited). So if someone has searched for “school reviews” or visited your competitor’s website… we can show them your ad on YouTube :)


Video is known for being great top-of-(sales)-funnel content because there are multiple types of media we can extract from it on the back-end to reuse in various ways.

  1. Pictures Pack - We can provide 20-50 of the best still frame images from your final color corrected footage to use on your website, social media, print materials, ad campaigns, etc. So it’s important to know that you’re not just getting a video, you’re also getting a professional photographer at little-to-no extra cost.

  2. Blurbs Pack - Likewise, if we produce interview-based content, we can listen through all the soundbites and transcribe 20-50 of the best quotes for you to pull from and use in all of your marketing materials.

  3. Follow-Up Videos - After you’ve produced the first main video and built out that initial library of content, it becomes much more economical to reuse that footage in future projects. Follow-up videos that utilize previous materials can usually be made at 1/4 to 1/2 of the cost.